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1950s-style music and dance

Welcome to Thunderbird with Debra & John, keeping 1950s-style music and dance very much alive and kicking in South Oxfordshire since October 2013.

Come and enjoy our frequent social nights with quality 1950s-style music.

Thunderbird supporters travel from as far as Sussex, Buckinginhamshire, Bedfordshire, West Midlands and Wiltshire as well as Reading and Oxford to enjoy the music and atmosphere.

Right of admission reserved. These are friendly events for people who enjoy or want to discover great Rock 'n' Roll and roots Rhythm & Blues. Family friendly: accompanied children may attend FREE - contact us to arrange.

2018 Events Coming Soon

30 DECEMBER "NOT NYE PARTY" from 8.00 pm

A special farewell to 2017.
Party Theme: "Past & Future".

If you can't Jive but want to learn then contact us.

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